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© HRjewelry Geneva, Estatblished in 2014

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New silver ring available at UNIVERS GALLERY.

Digitally hand sculpted using ZBrush; printed on the Form2 3D printer.

Jewelry designer Robin Haefeli based in Geneva Switzerland created the first jewelry made using virtual reality technology.

To sculpt this silver ethnic cross, Robin Haefeli, used an HTC Vive headset combine with the oculus medium VR modeling software.

This digitaly hand...

Created and sculpted with ZBrush. Printed and then casted in Silver.

Sculpted Digitaly on ZBrush, this demon ring was printed and Casted in Silver!

Robin Haefeli is mastering the art of Printing and casting, using the latest technology.

New HRjewelry Geneva Collection named "Anima" the spirit of Native Americans!!

Soon on our website!

Going back in Time: Photoshoot The Avalon Collection

HRjewelry Geneva: Inspired by Touareg African Jewelries, this ring will be casted in Silver 925 for a special client.

However, I will keep exploring Touareg motifs for my future personal creations.

Sculpted by Robin Haefeli with Zbrush Software

HRjewelry Geneva: Working on this ring in collaboration with "Univers Gallery" in Geneva Switzerland. This ring has different intersting and intricate details; dragon scales and midieval filigree. The finish ring will be casted in grey silver and mounted with a large b...

HRjewelry Geneva: unique bespoke signet ring in Silver for special customer Mr. H using Zbrush software.

June 2, 2017

HRjewelry Geneva: Inspired by ancient italian renaissance jewelry, Robin Haefeli created this antic Gold Ring. The Ring has the shape of a dome and is created with filigree using Zbrush software

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